HDS has been your partner since before NAHASDA, and as a result we draw on our extensive experience in the TDHE field to offer a wide array of professional services that help you remain in compliance, train your staff, and navigate the unique and complex environment of IHA housing.

HDS Queue
Make waiting list lotteries hassle free with this online lottery service.
HDS Lockbox
Secure, automated backup, storage, and protection of your HDS data.
Personalized, hands-on training on industry best practices, compliance, and more.
Forms Ordering
Coordinate and order checks, billing statements, cash receipts, and envelopes.
Time-Saving Services

HDS can provide you with a wide variety of professional services to save your staff time, money...and sanity!



We can and do provide customized software features to meet your specific requirements. We have created both custom software and professional services solutions for clients on numerous occasions and never shy away from a new challenge. With HDS as your partner, we view your problem as a challenge and will take the opportunity to develop a solution that fits your needs and resolves the problem. We encourage you to contact us for further information and details.


Tailored Installation

All of our professional installations are performed remotely or on-site and are tailored to meet your specific operational needs.


Software Updates and Integration

HDS provides regular, timely software enhancements to meet the regulatory requirements of HUD and other agencies. HDS software can be customized to integrate with almost any general ledger and accounts payable accounting software.

Data Conversion and Setup

We assist in the conversion of existing data to establish preliminary account information for a quick startup. No massive setup and conversion fees.