HDS Lockbox

Online Automated Data Back-up

Never worry again about the unexpected destroying your data. Ensure that your invaluable HDS data is secure and available at all times with HDS Lockbox Online Automated Data Back-up.

Say Goodbye to Complex Disaster Recovery Plans

Hard drive failure, disasters, and human error can delete or compromise your data and set your housing authority back by weeks, months, or even years. Even with an air-tight disaster recovery plan in place, recovering from such an event is more than just a headache—it consumes valuable resources and staff time.


Our HDS Lockbox service does everything for you and eliminates the need for cumbersome disaster recovery plans, backup tape, and staff time on data restoration.

It's Simple

HDS does everything for you, from software installation, to daily monitoring, to data restoration if necessary. Absolutely no IT resources or knowledge is required and there are zero hardware costs.

It's Safe and Reliable

HDS has partnered with Mozy, an industry leader in providing affordable secure data backups with state-of-the-art technology. Your data is protected off-site in world-class data centers.

It's Secure

Lockbox is SSE 16 audited and ISO 27001 certified. What does that mean? Your data is protected with military-grade encryption prior to transfer and stored in the most secure facilities in the industry.

  • Keep your precious records safe
  • No hardware costs
  • No IT resources or knowledge required