On-Site Training

Need HDS to come to you?

We’ll create a customized training program just for you and your staff and bring our experts right to your doorstep.

We recognize that your housing authority is unique and sometimes manuals, videos, and group training events just aren’t enough.

For those cases where extra personal attention can make the difference, we offer customized, on-site training programs tailored specifically for you and your staff. Our industry experts will work with you to build a training program covering the exact topics you need. From there we can conduct remote or on-site, one-on-one or small group training just for you and your staff. This is our most flexible, hands-on training offering and is custom-tailored for every client.

Interested in learning more or signing up?

Click here to start the conversation with one of our experts and learn more about our custom training.

Or give us a call at (608) 786-2366 to discuss on-site training with one of our representatives.