Product Migration: The Doorway to the Future

We have a new and exciting cutting-edge solution, and we’re making the transition easy and affordable.

HDS has created a powerful strategy to walk our clients from the existing software product to this new and exciting leading edge solution. Rather than forcing our clients to jump off the old and into the new, we are providing a path that protects your current investment while allowing you to migrate according to your schedule and budget.

The History of HDS

Since 1993, HDS has developed, modified, and improved its housing software with the input and insights of Public Housing Authorities across the country. HDS has been your partner from our humble beginnings in Wisconsin over two decades ago. But this has led to the premier software solution for this unique and complex environment.


Put simply, HDS is the solution that works. It is truly a product, not a software toolkit that requires costly engineers to make it work.

The Need to Change

Although powerful and very popular, HDSWin is approaching the end of its life cycle. HDS has been working for two years to import the expansive amount of logic incorporated into HDSWin to a new technological platform. This is no small task. Two decades of enhancements have been incorporated into our new product directly based on feedback from, the customer.

The New Platform: Our Goals

The major goals in building the new product are: 1) make it as simple as possible; 2) create an all new, intuitive interface; 3) keep HDSWin’s proven reliability; and 4) create a platform for rapidly adding new features and technology.

Simple is Hard

Making technology simple and easy to use, particularly given the unique needs of the public housing world, is anything but easy. But we are doing it. We are dedicated to creating a product that does not require complicated training or costly engineers to make work.

From Old-to-New

Going to new technology can be daunting. So rather than forcing a costly, unwelcome, and massive change, we are providing new functionality to the current HDS application in the form of new products such as HDS Entry, HDS Lockbox, and HDS Queue. This will protect your current investment by extending the life of the product while introducing you to the latest technology. Migrate on your schedule, not ours.

Stay Connected

Interested in learning more? Stay on the doorstep to your future with upcoming information about our philosophy and dynamic new products. Send us a message to stay informed about this new, cutting-edge solution.

  • Simple, easy to use products that require minimal training
  • Fast, user-friendly, and affordable
  • Designed specifically for housing authorities across the country
  • Upgrade on your schedule when you’re ready—no costly forced upgrades