HDSWin - A Modular Solution

HDSWin is comprised of nine fully integrated modules that can be tailored to fit your housing authority’s unique needs based upon the types of subsidized housing programs you are managing. Included with these modules is a comprehensive set of reporting capabilities and features found no where else in the industry.

Applicant and Tenant Management

The foundation of the HDSWin system, this module allows you to manage new applicants, tenants, as well as all of your waiting lists. This module also makes moving tenants in and out, conducting certifications and re-certifications, and calculating rent payments as easy as the touch of a button.

Tenant Accounting

HDSWin’s tenant accounting package is the most reliable tool in the industry for accurately managing the details of the tenant accounts receivable (i.e. the tenant ledger). Fully integrated with the Applicant and Tenant Management and Financial Interface modules, our tenant accounting software makes it easy to keep your financial house in order and to export important information to your general ledger.

Financial Interface

While our Tenant Accounting module will handle the specifics of the tenant ledger, the Financial Interface module takes this functionality to the next level by allowing you to integrate with your general ledger software. Never hassle with the pain of double data entry or maintaining two incompatible ledger systems again.

Section 8 Management

HDSWin is flexible enough to handle the intricacies and unique requirements of Section 8 and Mod Rehab programs thanks to the Section 8 Management module. This package will allow you to keep track of all Section 8 vouchers and, when combined with the HDS Entry Mobile Inspections app and the HDS Queue Online Waiting List app, makes managing Section 8 programs easier than ever before.

Work Orders

Generate, track, and complete work orders for any housing program you manage with the work order software package. This module is fully integrated with the Applicant and Tenant Management package, meaning you can quickly and easily maintain detailed work order records for any tenant, unit, or both. And to make life even easier, HDS is in the process of developing an integrated mobile work order capability…coming soon!

Tenant Correspondence

Housing authorities generate a lot of correspondence! And HDSWin makes it easy to create these letters, notices, and other mailings with the Tenant Correspondence module. Generate and manage mail merge documents for large bulk mailings, use your own custom letters, and use your own custom letterhead. When combined with the HDS Fileroom Electronic File System, creating, sorting, and managing tenant correspondence is quick and easy.


The HDSWin inspections package gives you all the tools you need to manage the overall inspection process. Use standard HQS and UPCS forms, or create your own custom forms depending upon your specific needs. And HDSWin’s inspections module integrates seamlessly with the HDS Entry Mobile Inspection app, which means you can schedule inspections from the office, wirelessly send them to inspectors in the field, and wirelessly retrieve the results upon completion. No duplicate data entry or paper forms.

Maintenance Inventory

This module allows you to maintain records of your maintenance inventory in one easy location. Track the quantity, location, and valuation of the inventory at any given time.

Fixed Assets

Similar to the Maintenance Inventory package, the Fixed Assets module gives you the ability to track the location and valuation of your housing authority’s fixed assets.